The Community Basketball League (CBL) is the biggest grassroots basketball competition in London with over 3,000 registered players representing North, East, West and South London.  Our league provides organised competitions and playing opportunities for a wide range of abilities from early-stage beginners through to the future stars of our game!

The CBL currently provides competitions for both boys and girls across the following age groups: U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 & U20’s.

The league is a registered non-profit organisation which was originally developed from the success of the 2012 Olympic Legacy program, the London School of Basketball, which set out on a mission to get more young Londoner’s playing basketball more of the time.  With the huge influx of new players shooting hoops across the city, we developed the CBL to cater to the demand for more competitions and more quality opportunities to play and enjoy the game in its purest form.

We provide skills-appropriate games for newly formed teams who are just beginning their basketball journey, but also offer competitions for more experienced teams who are looking for something more challenging without the heavier time and cost commitments of the National League.  We keep costs of participation as low as possible, by pooling our leagues into a ‘Central Venue’ format, which takes care of all facility, referee and table official costs for the entire season and playoffs for a one-time registration fee.

Our aim is to provide easily accessible, enjoyable routes into organised basketball competition, putting an emphasis on delivering a positive playing experience so all those who play in the CBL are inspired to stay in the sport for the long-term.

We currently run 2 divisions in each age category to accommodate the right level of competition for all teams and players who are interested in playing in the CBL.  Experienced players and competitive teams should apply for ‘CBL Prime’ (our Division 1) consideration, while new teams with less experienced players who are perhaps entering organised competition for the first time should apply for ‘CBL D-League’ (Development League, our Division 2) competition.

We are always welcoming of new players, coaches, teams, and volunteers so if you’d like to join the CBL or you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here: CONTACT US.