The Chiswick Gators are a brand new club entering the CBL for our first season of competition!

Our aim it to teach the game of basketball to young people from all across West London and we invite all here for our 1st session in the CBL. We train on Sundays at the City of Westminster college from 10am till 12pm the college address is 25 paddington green, London W2 1NB. Nearest tube stations are both the Edgware road stations.

We start training on Sunday the 1st of October then every Sunday from 10am till 12pm. If we have matches on that same Sunday we will have training before we go to the game. Memberships and costs are aviliable through contacting the club email only. We are a new club and are slowly growing new players to basketball are welcome as well as those who have played before. Contact us for more information and come along to our open session for a tryout.