Jordan Young put in his best game of the season so far in leading South London’s Make Time Sports (MTS) over a depleted Tower Hamlets Ravens squad in the U16 Eastern Conference last Sunday at JFS.

Tower Hamlets were missing some key players for their matchup with MTS, which didn’t bode well pregame as MTS are fast becoming one of the leading teams in the division this season with a full and deep squad who can hurt teams from multiple angles.  The athletic Isaiah Britton has been impressive all season long, alongside the ball handling skills of Bleron Ramoshi and inside attack of Isaiah Roberts and Daniel Jam – MTS are a team that means business in the CBL.

However, in this game, it was Young who led the way – playing with intensity on the defensive end in the second half that inspired his team mates to raise their level of play.  Prior to Young’s spark, MTS seemed to be playing at half-speed and appeared to be letting complacency creep in as they failed to capitalise on the shorter, shallower Ravens bench.  “If we ever take teams for granted and do not play at our level of intensity all the time, no matter who we play, we are going to get a serious wake up call in one of these games” said MTS coach Nickolas Reid.

Between Coach Reid’s words of warning at half-time and Jordan Young’s inspired play, moved things up a gear in the second half and the pressure was just too much for the Ravens to deal with on this day. MTS  forced the East Londoners into committing 8 turnovers in the 4th quarter leading to a barrage of uncontested layups for MTS to push the game out of reach for Tower Hamlets.

Young was awarded for his hard work with the game MVP and said “I just listened to my coaches and tried to play as hard as I could and didn’t expect to win the MVP. I’m just glad we won and hope we can keep this streak we are on, going for the rest of the season”.

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