Wandsworth Wolves Basketball Club is a non-profit, volunteer, sports organisation dedicated exclusively to the promotion of youth participation in basketball. Wandsworth Wolves provide young people with an opportunity to develop their skills to the highest level through participation in local and national networks of sporting events. We encourage, through participation, the physical, mental, and moral development of young people and promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship.




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Nabil Hammia
Jermaine Thompson
Troy Sullivan
Daniel Fernandes
Sidali Hammia
Morgan Sullivan
Ke-Sean McCausland
Cory Planter
Sam Kampung
Muyiwa Obamakin
Cameron Miller
Aniisa Kabaye
Reuben Crawford
Diah Mohmedzain

Coach Sarah McDermott
Coach Leon Cameron

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  1. Am so thankful to see my son and the other guys alike in a positive and uplifting environment, a massive thanks to everyone who make this possible for our youths

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