The under 18 CBL Playoffs move into the Final Four this weekend as the top teams in the division take a step closer to the division crown.  With action taking place at JFS on Sunday, we take a quick look at the match ups:

(1) MM Prep vs (8) Mamba Mix

Time: 6pm – Date: Sunday, 21st May, 2017 – Venue: JFS

MM Prep have set the tone in the U23 division this season, finishing the regular season with a perfect 7-0 record.

CBL INSIDER:  Tear up the regular season records and forget what’s happened up to this point – because this is a far more even match up than a 1v4 seed would suggest. A2S beat a quality team in COHNEL Warriors, and did so convincingly so are coming into the game ready to roll.  That being said, Brent Ballers have a lot of fight in them this season and have been playing with a ‘refuse to lose’ attitude all year long.  On length, pure talent and athleticism, the advantage goes to A2S but attitude, will and fight favour Brent.  This has all the makings of a game that’s going the distance and it’s too close to call!

(2) COHNEL Warriors vs (3) Enfield Kings

Time: 5pm – Date: Sunday, 21st May, 2017 – Venue: JFS

Wandsworth Wolves have arguably the best guard in the league this season in league MVP candidate John Lainez (14.6ppg, 20.8ppg true game average), joined by intriguing big man Raydel Lussaney (9.1ppg, 13ppg TGA), Jermaine Thompson and Cameron Miller (both 6ppg/8.5ppg TGA) and athletic guard Morgan Sullivan (4.5ppg/6.4ppg TGA).  These boys can play – and there’s a reason they finished with the second best record of the regular season.  In Lainez, the Wolves have a mercurial ball handler who consistently finds spots in the defense to exploit with spinning drives into the lane, often finished with hard-to-guard lay ups, of hand offs for team mates. He’s scored at will this season and will take some slowing down in the post-season.  A big part of what makes  Lainez hard to stop is the strength of the rest of his team.  Wandsworth can literally beat  teams with any one of their starting 5 being the ‘go go guy’ on any given day.

Lussaney is long-limbed and athletic and has barely scratched the surface of how good he could be. Physically gifted, he rebounds well in traffic, finishes strong in transition and has even shown flashes of a developing outside shot this season.  When he is rolling, Wandsworth are hard to stop. Thompson, Miller and Sullivan are all also capable of big scoring games in their own right and will be overlooked at someone’s peril.  Wandsworth have the talent to go all the way – if they come to play.

Haringey Sixers finished 3rd in the regular season, but that was down to availability of players rather than reflection of talent.  When fully-loaded, the Sixers present formidable opposition for any team in the league talent in both back court and front court.  Ayo Awojobi (13.5ppg/19.2ppg TGA) Daniel Kurczewski (13.6ppg/19.4ppg TGA) and Marcel Kofi (9ppg/12.8ppg TGA) control the backcourt while Lamine Nadine (3.2ppg/4.5ppg TGA) and Jerome Blake (8.2ppg/11.7ppg TGA) take care of business in the front court.  Tyrell Robinson (10.5ppg/15ppg TGA) is a smooth do-it-all combo guard who could possibly the most talented player in the division with the ability to put the Sixers over the edge if pushed to play.

CBL INSIDER: Two talented teams who are both legitimately capable of winning it all.  Lainez has been the most consistent scorer in the league this year, but may not have faced a defensive trio of the quality of Awojobi, Kofi and Robinson before.  Lamine Nadine has made big strides this season and how he matches up with Lusanney could well determine the outcome of this game.  Wandsworth have the tools to win, but Haringey may just take this one.

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