Peckham’s female team from the City of London Academy (COLA) continue to be a dominant force in the CBL with yet another win of 29-18 over Waltham Forest’s Red Ravens on Sunday 28th February 2016 at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

COLA’s game MVP, Anastasia Khonte, led her team well on both ends of the floor, getting under the basket to convert rebounds into easy points.

Team mate, Nariah Nyack, also had an impressive game, particularly in the final quarter where her ability to create her own shot helped COLA secure a further 6 points before the clock ran out to give the stars from Peckham an eleven point lead.

Stand out player, Anastasia, said, ‘That game was a lot of fun and I think I helped to keep the communication going within the team. We’re doing well all round and so we need to keep up the hard work and not get comfortable.”

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