For those familiar with the CBL over the past few seasons, JFS is a well-known and respected venue to all of the coaches, players and supporters who attend the 3 court facility in North West London.

With the ability to play 3 games per hour, for a game-heavy league such as the CBL, JFS has been essential in being able to get through the multiple divisions the league provides each season.  However, it was noted during last season that the flooring in the main hall had certainly seen better days. So it was met with both a sigh of relief and excited anticipation at the end of last season when it was announced that the school would be completely resurfacing the main hall with a brand new ‘sprung’ floor, in time for the start of the new season in late October.

While the floor was completed on time, it became apparent that the new lines on the floor were not laid for basketball to allow the CBL to pick up where the league left off last season, with 3 courts across both halls.

Despite a steady stream of emails and calls to resolve the issue, each one pushing the start date of the CBL this season – further and further away, the lines issue continued to go unresolved.

Unwilling to delay the start of the season any further, the league took the decision to book an additional venue (Crystal Palace), in order to provide the up to 4 courts on any given Sunday – albeit split across 2 venues.  Crystal Palace provides 2 full courts, while JFS – with the the new floor configuration – also provided 2 courts.

Or so we thought…

After rescheduling over 350 games for the third (and final?) time, the league were set to announce JFS as the host venue for the first round of games on 25th November.  However, after notifying the first wave of teams of their new start date, the league were again contacted by the facility and informed that the new floor is currently experience issues with ‘sinking’ in different parts of the hall.

Unfortunately, the start date had to be moved again, with the main hall out of action until contractors are able to advise as to when it will be safe and secure for public access and full play.

In the short-term, the CBL will be running from 1 court at JFS and 2 courts at Crystal Palace – until we are given the all clear for main hall use by the school and contractors.


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