CBL new season applications are now open and spearhead new changes for the season ahead.

On the back end of another successful CBL Campaign that saw expansion of the league grow to cover 11 different divisions, servicing 93 teams and 1,132 players, London’s leading grassroots basketball league is now open accepting team entries for the 2023/24 season.

Fresh for 2023/24 all divisions will see an increase in the number of games each team will play in the regular season, moving up from 9 to 15 games per team. The move comes in a response to multiple requests from teams who enjoy the CBL format but want more playing opportunities for their players, in addition to the surge in demand from new players who have signed up to play in the CBL, looking for teams to to test their skills in organised competitions.

CBL Division 2 will now officially become the D-League, welcoming all non-National League players.

Another key change in the format for the new season, also in response to the many requests from teams across the league, Division 2 teams will now move down from 2 National League eligible players, to zero. Division 2 CBL is geared towards participation and development. A place where new and early stage players can experience their first taste of organised game play without being overmatched against more experienced competitive players. All National League players must play on teams within Division 1 only, for the 2023/24 season.

There will also be an age group adjustment for the new season, with the CBL realigning with Basketball England’s age classifications, instead of the former ruling of ‘age and under from the 1st September’. The new age classification across all leagues (both Division 1 and 2) will be ‘under the age by August 31st’. For clarity for new and existing teams, the age groups for the new season:

  • U10 (Under 10) – 9 years old by Aug 31st
  • U12 (Under 12) – 11 years old by Aug 31st
  • U14 (Under 14) – 13 years old by Aug 31st
  • U16 (Under 16) – 15 years old by Aug 31st 
  • U18 (Under 18) – 17 years old by Aug 31st 
  • U20 (Under 20) – 19 years old by Aug 31st 

In line with the new ruling, the league will further expand to the U20 category to provide a playing platform for players ‘in between’ college and University and in need of competitive games.

For the first time in CBL history, the league will also be hosting games on an additional day/evening in the week, alongside the traditional ‘CBL Sundays’, in order to cater to the new increase of games. The Friday evening games are planned for the U20’s division initially, but may extend to other age categories in future years.

Division 1 Leagues set to feature weekly ‘Game Of The Week’ broadcasts for the 2023/24 season.

New changes are not only taking place on the court, but also with the media covering the court. Fresh for 2023/24, a new media deal will see the CBL feature a ‘Game Of The Week’ within each Division 1 category, broadcast live on YouTube and additional social media platforms. The broadcasts will feature live game commentary and featured guests providing insights into the games, information on players, clubs and coaches and spreading the CBL mantra ‘Where Tomorrow’s Stars – Play Today’ to more people across a bigger network.

Places for the new season are limited by default, once we’re full, we’re full. Be smart and sign up today while places remain and be part of something special your whole club will enjoy: SIGN UP HERE