Harrow Blackhawks got the better of Frenford Falcons when they won 70-29 on Sunday 6th March in the Community Basketball League.

At first, it seemed as thought Harrow struggled to shut down the Falcons who had both Piraveen Pranaitis and Teddie Barnes sinking threes early on in the first quarter.

However, great defence from Harrow limited Falcons’ access to the basket, and a solid team effort from Leo Regala, Ethan Torriello and Joao Barradas helped Blackhawks regain their momentum to sit in front 31-11 going into the half.

The final quarter saw back to back threes from Falcons’ Teddie Barnes and Harrow’s Leo Regala, but despite Falcon’s efforts, Leo Regala continued to push through to bank a further 8 points, allowing Harrow to take home the win.

Harrow’s game MVP, Leo Regala, said, “I’m glad that my shooting has improved and I was able to add crucial points to my team’s overall score. We enjoyed that game and the Falcons didn’t allow us to relax because they kept on fighting until the end. That’s what every game needs – good competition to help you get better!’

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