Message from the League Commissioner


Welcome to the new season for the Community Basketball League. On behalf of the league and our management team, I’d like to thank you for joining us this season and being part of London’s biggest grassroots Basketball League. It is down to the hard work and commitment every week of you and all of the coaches and volunteers at your club that enables us to make the league such a positive experience for all of the players – which is what the CBL is all about.  We are deeply appreciative of your ongoing commitment and investment into to the grassroots game.

Our ethos is always to put the player first and prioritise their well-being above all else, and welcome all teams to our league who share the same ideals.  For many of the players in our league, the CBL will be their first taste of ‘organised’ competition and we strive to make it the most enjoyable experience possible for them so we can work with you on helping them develop a love of the game that lasts them for life.  This is the first step on a player pathway for a lot of young players. We want them to be not only sound athletes but great individuals that represent you, your club, your local community and our league in an exemplary way!

Our mission is to grow the game and get more young people playing basketball more of the time, providing a foundation for our sport to develop upon, both on and off the court.  In addition to organising the games and managing the competitions, we work with our members in helping develop your club so you can attract new players, new volunteers, new sources of income and invest time and resources into helping develop new skills off the court that will make your club stronger and more sustainable for the long-term.  Please be sure to visit our website’s club development section for more information on how we can help you grow.

In order for the League to run smoothly it is essential that all teams commit to their fixtures for the season. This commitment includes confirming attendance at games with the league, turning up to games on time and engaging with the league staff in a positive manner.  We are only as strong as the commitment from you and your teams in order to ensure all games run on time, every time and we ask all teams to respect and honour that by working with us to fulfil each and every fixture on your schedule.

We believe this will be our best and most enjoyable season yet and look forward to sharing the joy of basketball competition with you and wish you every success for the season ahead…Let’s play ball!


Nhamo Shire

League Commissioner