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The CBL features the only grassroots girls division in London and are committed to inspiring more girls to pick up the game and take it as far as their ambition and determination will take them.

A big part of the process is making sure that girls at all levels understand there are successful women in the game playing at the highest levels in the world, who started out just like them. As part of our goal to get more girls playing, we’ll be featuring successful star players from all across the globe to inspire girls in our league (and hopefully soon to be in our league…) to follow in their footsteps.

Jewell Loyd is one such player.

In this short feature, courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods Store and NIKE, the Seattle Storm star guard explains that nerves are normal for young, female athletes who are new to a team or the sport in general. However, the proven winner advises athletes to remain confident and calm. “The way you talk and how you bring energy can change a lot of things and break you out of your comfort zone,” Loyd says.

Loyd also reminds young female athletes to value and embrace who they are. “I think, definitely for girls, you’re worried about your body image, lifting, and is it going to change how I look and things like that, but that’s just part of who you are and your growth,” Loyd says.

Check out these Pro Tips on how embrace your uniqueness and translate it on the court. #girlpower