It’s only the start of a brand new season and yet playoff quality basketball is in full effect when Gintaras went head to head against the Tower Hamlets Ravens on Sunday 27th November 2016, pulling away with a fantastic 21-11 win in what was one of the most exciting games of the U12 Division so far.

The first half saw Gintaras’ talented female, Gerda Dudkus, dig deep as her defensive skill and ability to lock down opponents earned her the title of the Game MVP.

Dudkus, said, “I am proud to be a girl and play basketball. I love playing with my team and believe we can go all the way. Basketball is huge in Lithuania and so to support my country in the CBL is a huge honor for me.”

The second half of the game saw double trouble from Kayus Sinkevicus and Sinas Konzeliauskas who traded baskets to secure 6 points each and keep the Gintaras in front.

Although it wasn’t the result they wanted, Tower Hamlets Ravens played with heart all the way through, and Leo Valdez was a lightening bolt that even Dudkus struggled to lock down at times.

Ravens’s Valdez, said, “Of course we wanted to win, but that game was still a lot of fun. I’m happy with my four points, and I look forward to working out with my team this week to continue to get better in time for our next game!”