The Power Of Positive Play

The CBL aims to serve the community, providing access to opportunities for young people to learn, compete, develop and explore their unlimited potential – using the game of basketball as a vehicle to take them to new heights both on and off of the court.  The league brings people together from different backgrounds and unites through the power of play.  We celebrate diversity and respect multi-culturialism while focusing on the common bonds basketball reveals in all segments of our society.

The management team behind the CBL have over 30 years of collective first-hand experience of how transformative and life-affirming basketball can be and are committed to sharing the ‘gift’ with as many young people as possible, so they too may play and enjoy the benefits of the game, the right way.

We believe in using the game of basketball to help teach young people how to better play the game of life.  We endorse positive values throughout all of our competitions with a heavy emphasis on helping young people understand and apply respect, co-operation, emotional balance, improved communication skills, goal-setting, healthier life choices, better concentration and composure skills, so they may transition these skills into all areas of their lives. Working with the coaches throughout the teams in our league, we strive to provide positive experiences through basketball that help contribute to the ongoing development of confident, productive, healthy and positive young adults.

We openly welcome new players, coaches, teams, officials and volunteers to join us, so if you’d like to join the CBL or you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here: CONTACT US.