Christian ‘Cole World’ Coley.  By now you should know the name, but it’s time you checked in on his new and improved game. MY GOODNESS!  A 40 piece bucket, along with 2 sides of 8 boards and 6 assists in a season-defining win for under-manned OWE against a beefed up and ready Barnet Bulldogs squad with championship aspirations.  57-54 OWE for the win. SHEEEEESH.  It was ALOT.

In arguably the best game of the CBL season so far, ‘CC’ sent a message that hit louder than a bomb to the rest of the U14 top division.  “DON’T TEST ME!”  An ice cold sniper who comes ready to show, if you didn’t know before – now you know! For those who were there live, we were all witness to the birth of a bonafide future star who was fully in his overflowing bag on Sunday. Church. 

We know he can shoot the 3 (and he did that again, hitting early and often form deep), but at this point we’ve seen no other player in the CBL dominate in the ISO game like Coley did vs a much bigger, athletic and physical Bulldogs team.  They sent up player after player to try to stop the onslaught, to no avail.  Each player to step up was the yet another  to get chopped down with a series of pro-level combo’s and finishes PLUS the foul. Ouch. 

Entertainment value at a 100.  The scoring was super-impressive, but the best play of the game in Jordaneque fashion (go check the GOAT at MSG in the ‘Double Nickel’ game) CC drew the double team as the Bulldogs swarmed him to prevent him from winning the game with a last second dagger and he whipped the ball to his teammate for the uncontested lay up and clutch win. 

 Shout out to the Barnet boys, they mean business this season and look like a good investment for it (coach Tobby is doing a GREAT job over there) – but there was simply nothing they could do to stop the best guard-dominant performance we’ve seen in the league this season, any age group, any level.  

The win puts OWE firmly in third place in the league and looking like a lock for the U14’s Final Four, where they will defend their crown. Though they have lost some pieces since last season’s championship run, as long as they have Coley on their squad, ANYTHING is possible – count them out at your own risk.

It’s a Cole-World.