All players who compete and play in CBL games are expected to have read, understood and adhere to the Code Of Conduct for players outlined below:


  • Arrive for training and matches in good time to prepare thoroughly
  • Turn up with appropriate kit for the activity as instructed by your coach
  • Always warm up and cool down properly
  • Bring enough water to your games to stay hydrated throughout your competition
  • Play for fun and enjoyment – not just to please your parents and/or coach
  • Learn and play by the rules
  • Do not argue with match officials and/or the coach – use your energies for playing better
  • Never use bad language or display abusive or disrespectful behaviour – neither will be tolerated in the CBL
  • Recognise and applaud all good play
  • Be a good sport – win with modesty, lose with dignity
  • Respect other people – treat them as you would wish to be treated
  • Co-operate with coach, team-mates and opponents
  • Think about improving your skills after training and competition – ask your coach for feedback and how you can continue to get better
  • Inform your coach of any injury as soon as possible
  • Inform your coach if you need to leave the site early
  • Thank officials and opponents after competition

If you need to speak to someone in confidence, please speak to your Head Coach or the League Commissioner on the day, or alternatively, you can contact us.