The CBL strives to provide a positive, safe and secure environment for all players to compete and enjoy their games.  We actively encourage parents, family and friends of the players to come along and support as your support goes a long way in creating positive memories for your son/daugther and their teammates while contributing towards creating an exciting atmosphere at the games.

However in line with ensuring we provide a positive playing experience and safe environment for our players and coaches, we ask that all parents adhere to the CBL Code Of Conduct for parents, detailed below.

* Please note: While we hope all parents, family and friends agree with our views on responsible behaviour, it is a requirement of all adults in attendance to be aware of and to adhere to the CBL Parents Code Of Conduct while attending CBL events


  • Remember that children play for their fun, not yours
  • Encourage children to play, do not force them
  • Praise your child’s efforts whether they win or lose
  • Applaud all good play
  • Refrain from aggressive, abusive or negative criticism and threatening behaviour towards match officials, opponents or league staff – such behaviour will not be tolerated in the CBL
  • Never ridicule a child for losing or making a mistake
  • Children learn best by following a good example – parents play the most influential and important role in a child’s life, set a positive example for your child to follow and be a ‘champion’ of good sportsmanship
  • Learn the rules of the game to better understand what you are looking at and commenting on
  • Show your appreciation to all officials, coaches, staff and volunteers
  • Condemn the use of violence, profane language and any form of threatening or abusive behaviour
  • Think of how you can best help the coach and the club your child represents

If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of any player, coach or official at any CBL game or event, please speak to the appointed Commissioner on the day – or contact us.

Any parents or attending adults at CBL events will be asked to leave the event by an appointed CBL official if their behaviour contravenes the guidelines detailed above.  Refusal to leave may result in the team of the offending parent/adult supporter forfeiting the game.