The Community Basketball League provides sponsors with a unique opportunity to connect with the pulse of young London in an exciting, highly-engaging yet socially responsible way while also plugging into a powerful sports and education based driver of proven positive social impact.

There is nothing quite like basketball – and there is a reason why the audience you’re trying to connect with play, watch, talk and live the sport all day, everyday.  It’s magnetic.  A game you can enjoy alone, ball in hand, fingertips tingling with excitement at the prospect of what comes next – but is best experienced in the ‘magic moments’ of true team play.   Instant gratification on your first made shot inspires another and another in pursuit of rapidly growing passion and potential. Basketball engages, excites and inspires in ways other sports come up short and towers above the London horizon as an opportunity currently being overlooked as an accessible asset you should be adding to your marketing mix.

Basketball is the second most popular team sport played amongst teenagers across the country, with an even bigger ‘basketball-friendly’ audience, estimated at 15m+ nationwide. Latest statistics from Sport England indicate 1.3 million people play basketball in England, with approximately one-third of the entire playing base focused in London. The NBA continues to enjoy high levels of commercial growth due to the spiralling popularity of the sport amongst fans and participants – despite the absence of a NBA-affiliated team anywhere in England. More people are being inspired to play, watch and support basketball – with London leading the way.

As a lasting legacy of the London Olympics, the Community Basketball League is now established as the biggest youth basketball league in London, with teams and visibility networks covering 80% of the city.  Partnering with the CBL grants access to the biggest community based basketball network in London and connects you to players, coaches, fans and supporters in ways other are unrivalled within our sport in the nation’s capital.

Our partnerships team are flexible and ready to introduce you to all of the platforms we are able to utilise in connecting you to our network, so we can work with you in customising a bespoke sponsorship solution that meets your objectives and fits within your budget.

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