The CBL hosts divisions at the following age categories for the 2020/21 season:

  • U10: 10 & Under (Must be aged 10 or under on 1st September 2020)
  • U12: 12 & Under (Must be aged 12 or under on 1st September 2020)
  • U14: 14 & Under (Must be aged 14 or under on 1st September 2020)
  • U16: 16 & Under (Must be aged 16 or under on 1st September 2020)
  • U18: Must be aged 17 or under throughout all competition*

In order for players to be eligible to play in any of the above categories, players must license with the CBL and provide proof of age, relative to the division they wish to play and in line with the requirements above.

In some cases, where a team has inexperienced players who are over-age but considered ‘beginners’ within the sport, special concessions may be made by the league in order to allow a player to play on his/her team. These situations are to be ‘case by case’ and be presented to the league by the coach/team organiser as they arise. Players who fit this criteria must not be considered a ‘starting five’ level player and should not be dominant within the division, as assessed by league officials. 

*This is a covid-19 compliance requirement and will remain in place until governing body rules allow 18-year-olds to play 5on5 basketball. If the current ruling on 18-year-olds changes during the season, players aged 18 will be allowed to play in the competition – however, there no 18-year-old players are permitted to play at this time*