Our Mission

To provide the most engaging, exciting and positive platform for players to enjoy healthy grassroots basketball competition in London – enabling the sport to fulfil its vast potential as a community builder and positive social impact driver across the city. 

We are passionate about basketball and place a premium on providing the best, most enjoyable playing experience possible for young players. Many players will play in their first organised basketball competition with us and we are committed to doing all we can to make sure it is an exciting, positive and memorable experience so they will be inspired to aspire for more within our sport. 

We want to share the joy of basketball and the values of the game. We emphasise the character-building benefits our game develops in young people and strive to deliver a positive, safe and secure environment they can continue to learn, develop and progress through as they grow. 

At our best, we help develop a life-long ‘love of the game’ and nurture healthy-habits in the players who play in our league. We believe in the power of community and are committed to actively growing our game and the community around it. We are ‘all in’ in playing our role in helping increase the number of players, coaches, officials, fans, supporters and advocates for our game and want our league to serve as a connecting medium for bringing people together and giving young people a platform to shine as they represent their local communities. Through the league and our member-clubs we strive to deliver new opportunities for wider personal and collective growth for all of the boroughs we reach across the capital.

Our Values

Respect – Self-respect and respect for others. Treat all people how you wish to be treated, and be good to yourself. Be courteous, kind and strive to inspire positivity in others.

Integrity – Honesty and ‘doing the right thing’ is everything. Align your words with your actions. Say what you mean and let your actions mean what you say. Truth and transparency are fundamental to real success.

Teamwork – Together Everyone Achieves More. Unity. Come together as a whole. Communicate your goals, integrate your skills and celebrate your collective success.

Ambition – Strive for more and be prepared to do the work. Expect more of yourself so you may expect more for yourself.

Leadership – Be creative and challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be. Do the right thing. Don’t be afraid to stand alone, if standing alone is the right thing to do. Continue to move onwards and upwards, no matter the adversity.