In line with the latest government announcements around country-wide restrictions to curb the spread of covid-19, all basketball competitions and activities, outside of professional basketball, have temporarily been suspended.

With the CBL season due to start later this month, the recent developments have forced the league to amend these plans as we work with Basketball England and the government in prioritising the health and safety of all players, coaches, officials and staff across the league.

However, amidst concerns the 2020-2021 season will be lost completely, the league competitions team, alongside CBL co-commissioners, are in meetings this weekend to discuss a proposed 3-stage strategy to facilitate safe competitions for all scheduled teams as soon as it is safe to do so.

CBL Co-Commissioner, Nhamo Shire:

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. We are all in new territory here, with regards to the coronavirus, but draw strength from the power of community and coming together to play our role in providing a positive focus for all of the young players across the league. We know the players and coaches want to play, but we also have to balance that out with responsible behaviour with regards to the health and safety of everyone involved with our league. We do anticipate we’ll be able to come up with some solutions moving forward but need to discuss the proposals put forward in more detail, after which, we’ll update all of our teams with how we move forward.

An update on the CBL’s 3-stage strategy will be updated via the website early next week.