The CBL have adopted and implemented Basketball England’s RTP Guidelines across all league event activity this season, which mark a significant change to how the league has been operated in former years. These new measures are essential in us being able to provide CBL competition for all of our players and coaches and are ultimately only as strong as the willingness of everyone involved in the league to comply and follow the new COVID-19 rules and guidelines for participation in the league this season.

  1. All players, coaches, officials, volunteers and team managers who aim to participate in the CBL must complete the CBL COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. No exceptions. If any member of your team does not have a completed online form, he/she will not be permitted into the venue.
  2. All participating teams must agree to implement, as much as feasible, all recommendations from Basketball England’s Return To Play Guidance, at a club level, outside of the CBL games, in order to keep all players, staff, volunteers and the wider community safe from COVID-19.
  3. All participating players and coaches must be licensed with Basketball England and also the CBL prior to playing any games. There will only be one license fee to pay, with Basketball England. The CBL license is to ensure we are able monitor all players and coaches across all divisions.
  4. Teams will be permitted a MAXIMUM of 12 people per game/visit. This is to be inclusive of all players and coaches and must include 2 adults (can be 2 coaches or a coach and team manager).
  5. There will be a maximum limit of 30 people permitted into the playing area at any one time.
  6. There will be no changing facilities at venues. Teams should come already dressed in kit, underneath a tracksuit. Post-game, teams will put on tracksuits on the sideline or designated area and then vacate the premises via the single flow exit directions provided by CBL staff.
  7. All members of each team (players and coaches) are required to wear face masks before entering the facilities and keep them on at all times, apart from when playing on the court, or coaching on the sidelines.
  8. Table officials will be required to wear face masks throughout the games.
  9. All players, coaches and officials entering the facility will be required to sanitise their hands thoroughly at point of entry and regularly throughout the duration of each visit.
  10. All players must bring their own water bottles and sufficient water to stay hydrated throughout the visit. No communal drinking facilities or shared water bottles will be permitted. All water bottles must have the owners name clearly visible on the bottle. No water to be provided by the coaches in ‘crates’.
  11. Teams must not arrive at the designated venue any earlier than 20 minutes before scheduled tip off. If teams arrive earlier, they must wait outside, in a socially distanced manner.
  12. Every player, coach, official and staff member will have their screening checked at point of entry and temperature checked.
  13. Once players enter the sports hall they must place equipment (drinks bottle, footwear, anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser only) within their own individual station on the team bench for the duration of game. Please only bring what is required for the game.
  14. Players, coaches and officials are to use hand sanitiser at the following intervals:
    1. Before and immediately after your game
    2. When being substituted in and out of the game
    3. During all time outs
    4. At the end of each quarter and half-time
  15. Game balls to be washed/wiped throughly with anti-bacterial agent prior to start of the game, between quarters and at half-time by game officials.
  16. No handshakes or high-fives or other unnecessary bodily contact.
  17. Disposable bins to be provided by each team bench.
  18. Benches, chairs, stools or sitting on floor should be used and spaced 1m+ apart with appropriate markings to show appropriate distance between individuals.
  19. Team benches will be on opposite sides of the court where feasible.
  20. Substitutions should occur directly from the bench, no need to go to the scorers table.
  21. Every team should conduct their timeout with a minimum of 1m between each player or staff member for the duration. Both teams to conduct the timeout on the court if unable to distance at the bench.
  22. Officials to monitor social distancing during timeouts and between quarters.
  23. Please be aware that if players, coaches, support staff or officials leave water bottles, clothing or equipment we will not be able to keep them and they will be thrown away. Therefore, please ensure that the sports hall is cleared of all equipment and clothing at the end of the game. If participants leave items of clothing or equipment it is the responsibility of the club to take it with them and arrange for collection.
  24. Once teams have left the building, they must not congregate in the car park. Please leave the venue promptly, as there may be another game finishing or starting after yours.
  25. Changing rooms, lockers and showers will not be available for use.
  26. Toilet use should be kept to a minimum but toilets will be available. Players will be permitted to use the toilet facilities, one at a time, if necessary.
  27. After using the toilet users should wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and clean the toilet with the cleaning products provided.


  • All clubs/leagues/associations must keep a register of participants names (including officials) and contact numbers for each game for 21 days following each game for the NHS track and trace service. Details to be disposed of safely 21 days after date of the game.
  • In the first instance we request that players/coaches/support staff/officials do not travel to the venue if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. However, signs detailing COVID-19 symptoms will be visible at the entrance point. 
  • All internal and emergency exit doors will remain open and fans turned on during games for increased ventilation and reduce contact points where feasible
  • Social distancing rules should apply at all times when players are not on the court in a playing capacity
  • It is mandatory for coaches, support staff and officials to wear face coverings whilst games indoors
  • Players must bring their own drinks with them. Drinking water will not be available from the water machine or taps
  • COVID-19 Bins will be provided for waste. To be emptied between games by venue staff
  • Parents and spectators are not permitted in the arena for games. Chaperones to children may wait outside in a socially distanced manner or in their cars unless the child has disabilities or special needs. Toilet facilities will not be available for chaperones.
  • Players and coaches should avoid leaving the court unless it is to go to the toilet
  • If required, first aiders to wear appropriate PPE and ensure hands and equipment are sanitised before and immediately after treatment. Waste to be disposed of safely.