In the event of a dispute of any nature related to games in the CBL, a team can appeal a decision made on the day by the Commissioner. The dispute will be put before the CBL Appeals Panel.

All appeals must be put into writing within 72 hours of the original decision being made. This means the appeal must be filled out using the form below and submitted by 5pm on the following Wednesday (with games taking place on Sundays).

The Appeal must be accompanied by a payment of £50.  The £50 fee is fully refundable IF the decision is overturned by the panel.

The Appeals Panel will be comprised of appointed CBL management committee members which cannot include the Commissioner with whom the dispute is levied.
*Please note: Only submitted appeals that are made with an accompanying appeals fee will be considered by the Appeals Panel.  All appeals made with accompanying fee will be given consideration through a minuted meeting of no less than 3 committee members who will vote on the outcome of the appeal.  Both the decision and minutes from the meeting will be sent to the claimant after a decision has been reached.  All appeals will be answered within 7-14 days after submission.
All decisions reached by the Appeals Panel are final.
To make an appeal to the CBL Leagues Panel, please fill in the form below: