Bromley Pythons Basketball Club started in 2015 and offers opportunities for young, budding players in Bromley & surrounding areas to play basketball regardless of their level of ability.

The club has grown rapidly from only 5 to over 30 players, and is still increasing with players joining nearly every two weeks. Bromley Pythons are truly a family team with a good support system in
place to help encourage all our players in developing their potential.

We believe strong teamwork is the key to a successful team and club.

With the help of his coaches, Pythons’ Andrew Agboola played a key role is building this team.

Andrew said, “It all started when I asked my coaches if they had a basketball team. When they said yes, I contacted everyone to let them know, and ever since, our team hasn’t stopped growing!”

For more information on the CBL and how to get involved, please contact


Tyronne Agbontaylor
Andrewn Agboola
Adrien Alokpovi
Rafal Anickiewicz-Chin
Ellis Birthwright
Anthony Bombona
Quinn Cleary
Emilio Hasa
Aaron Hill
Geoffrey Ingham
Fidelis (Junior) Iwu
James Kelly
Leon Malaj
Keanan Morris
Albert Ohioze
Emmanuel Okaa-Tigbilo
Daniel Omomia
COACH Daryl Plummer
COACH Damien Plummer
COACH Danielle Francis

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