Brent Ballers kept pace at the top of the U18 division with an unstoppable performance against the short-handed Wandsworth Rams, beating them by 15 points to win 24-9 on Sunday 29th January 2017.

The Rams were without half of their team, due to travel difficulties with tube cancellations across the underground, however West London’s leading community club showed little mercy as they devoured the Rams in devastating fashion.

Head Coach Julius Joseph seemed far from happy with the performance, despite his teams victory never looking in doubt.  “I wasn’t happy with a couple of the guys today as they pushed the boundaries with our team rules.  We’ve got a dedicated and hard-working core and the team demands everyone must be accountable and play by the same rules as the rest of the team.  We got the win, but I’m pretty sure it won’t feel like it for the boys at our next practise” Joseph said sternly, in the post-game interview.

Tristan Cabera led the Ballers in scoring, but this game was more about the overwhelming strength of the Ballers entire squad rather than the play of any one individual.  Brent were just too deep, too talented and ultimately too much for the weakened Rams squad and sent them packing with a comprehensive 15 point beat down.

The Rams will look to redeem themselves in the post-season, should the two teams meet again in the playoffs, hopefully next time at full strength so they can give a fairer account of themselves.  However there is no denying that at this stage, the Ballers from Brent look to be the team to beat as they sit atop of the league with a perfect record of 5-0.