“I love winning! If you like basketball, the CBL is where you have to come because you get to play lots of games and get better as a player and as a team.’

Mateia Zibettei, Access2Sports’ Under 12 Team

ACCESS2SPORTS are based in the London Borough of Islington and provide teams at the U12, U16 and U25 levels.  The A2S program is about providing positive local opportunities for young people, getting more people across Islington active, in this case, through basketball.

Head coach Justin Hitchman is a semi-pro player himself who is now giving back to the stars of tomorrow to give them the start in the sport that has meant so much to him: “Basketball has played such an important role in  my life in developing skills I’ve been able to use off the court to great success and I just want to make sure I do all I can so the next generation have the opportunity to benefit from the game the way I have and have a lot of fun doing it, along the way”.

A2S run weekly coaching sessions throughout Islington which are always open to new members, so if you’re based in or near the borough, get in touch today for more information about joining the team, or about the club in general as  please contact help@cblhoops.co.uk



U12 A2S w logo

Elif Ceylan
Dennis Ceylan
Tyree Lindsay
Jaiden Dawes
Ali Kelec
Manie Joses



Jason Prince
Jason Duran
Dreyshun Brown
Nebil Ceylan
Rio Murray Webster
Binesh Zamani
Xavier Rey-Edwards
Samie Said
Jonah Ho-shUe


U25 A2S

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