Islington’s star player, Manie Joses, was irresistible in Access2Sports’ 24-6 win over the Kensington and Chelsea Knights on Sunday 27th November 2016, racking up half of his teams points to be named the game MVP to put his team’s stamp on the start of a new and exciting season.

“It’s great to be back and I’m really happy we won our first game,” Joses said. “I love basketball and I feel it is time to show everyone that we’re the team to beat.”

A2S took the lead early on in the game, finishing 12-4 by half time. Despite a spirited performance from the Kensington and Chelsea Knights, especially a joint effort from sharp shooters’ Camilo Ramirez and Omari Pond-McKenzie who produced 3 points each in the final quarter, it wasn’t enough to close the gap before the clock ran out.

Access2Sports’ MVP, Joses, added, “I really enjoy playing in the CBL and look forward to playing against all the competition.”