General Rules & Regulations 2018/19 Season

Unless specifically stated below, Basketball England Rules will apply to all games, players and eligibility criteria for all CBL competitions.

All coaches, parents and players must be familiar with and adhere to the CBL Code Of Conduct, which outlines a clear set of guidelines for all coaches, players and parents who participate in the CBL.

All coaches are reminded that in accepting the role as a coach, you are stepping into a role of tremendous influence in the lives of young people and in doing so, must be accepting of the tremendous responsibility that accompanies the role.  Young players look to coaches to set a good example for them to follow and to advocate and demonstrate good sportsmanship and positive behaviour at all times.  In choosing to participate in the CBL, all coaches are assumed to have read these rules, the Code Of Conduct and accept the conditions under which coaches are expected to operate within the CBL.

1 – Player Eligibility

  • To be eligible to compete in the relevant age division the following age classifications will apply for the 2018/2019 season:
  • U12 Division:  Players born after 1/9/2007
  • U14 Division: Players born after 1/9/2005
  • U16 Division: Players born after 1/9/2003
  • U18 Division: Players born after 1/9/2001
  • U20 Division: Players born after 1/9/1999
  • U25 Division: Players born after 1/9/1994

Teams who field over age players will forfeit the game and the CBL reserves the right to fine offending teams £25 per ineligible player for each contravention.

1.2  All players and coaches must be registered with the CBL.  No exceptions.  Licensing for players and coaches can be found here: http://www.cblhoops.co.uk/player-coach-license-registration/

1.3  A maximum of 2 National League players are permitted per team in any single game within a players natural age group in the U12, U14, U16, U18 premier league divisions.  National League players may be rotated from squad players, but no more than 2 licensed National League players are permitted to play for a team within a players natural age group in any CBL game in the aforementioned divisions.

1.4  Teams may play as many National League players who are ‘playing up’in an older age category as they like. For the removal of all doubt, a team featuring multiple U14 National League players can play all players in CBL U16 or U18 divisions.

1.5  There are no restrictions on National League players in the U25 and U20 age categories.

1.6  No National League players are permitted to play in the Development League divisions.

1.7  Players registered with a team within the CBL are allowed to register with another team, providing they are competing in a different age category and their original team does not have a team competing in the second age category. In all instances, coaches must register the player with their team, with the league for them to be eligible to play.

1.8  Players are free to transfer to other teams within the CBL providing they secure a confirmation of release by their coach. A confirmation of player release must be sent by email to the league at: Joanna@cblhoops.co.uk

1.9  No player transfers will be sanctioned in the playoffs.

1.10  To play for a team in the playoffs, a player must have played a minimum of 1 game in the regular season for the team he/she wishes to represent, within the same age division they intend to represent in the playoffs, unless agreed upon by both coaches, officials and commissioner.

1.11  If a coach wishes to make a player eligibility enquiry about an opposing player, he/she must let the commissioner know on the day or notify the league via email, to Joanna@cblhoops.co.uk. In the event of a team fielding an ineligible player, the game will be awarded to the other team and the offending team will be fined.

2 – Rules Of The Game

The CBL follows the guidelines set by the National Governing Body for basketball, Basketball England with all technical playing rules and guidelines for CBL games, apart from the CBL-specific amendments listed below:

2.1  All games will be played in 4 quarters of 10 minutes running clock – stopping in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter only.  In some circumstances it may be necessary to play 4 quarters of 8 minutes running clock if deemed necessary by the League Commissioner on the day (which will only happen in the event of unforeseen time infringements out of the leagues control).

2.2  Clock will run during timeouts, free throws and all other ‘in game’ instances.

2.3  Teams are permitted a maximum of 1 timeout per half, for a maximum duration of 1 minute.  In the event of any overtime period of play, an additional timeout of 30 seconds will be granted to each team for each extra period.

2.4  NO ZONE DEFENSE is allowed in the U10, U12, U14 and U16 divisions.Coaches should teach and prepare developing players to play and understand the concepts behind man-to-man defensive techniques before introducing zone defenses. U18, U20 and U25 divisions are free to play whatever defense the coach chooses.

2.5  NO FULL COURT PRESS or FULL COURT DEFENSE is permitted at the U12 level.

2.6  All teams should try to provide a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 14 players per game, however, a minimum of 8 players per team are normally required for a game to commence. In rare instances where this is not possible, the decision to play a game with less than 8 players shall be at the discretion of the League Commissioner.

2.7  Teams at the U10 and U12 levels are required to substitute 5 players on court for 5 players on the bench at the 5 minute mark of the first 2 quarters, making sure all players get to play.  If a team has more than 10 players, coaches are to make sure the additional players are substituted in the second quarter and the whole team gets to play in the first half.  Second half subs are made at the coaches discretion.

2.8  All players must be registered on the official game score sheet and licensed to play for the team they wish to represent.

2.9  All teams are entitled to a 10 minute ‘on court’ warm up before the game commences.  In rare circumstances where time infringements from previous games disrupt the schedule, the League Commissioner and/or game officials reserve the right to cut this time to a minimum of 5 minutes.

2.10  Teams must arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled game time and be ready to enter the court on time, appropriately dressed and ready to warm up.

2.11  In the event of a team running late, communication must be made with the League Commissioner no less than 30 minutes prior to your tip off time, whereby a maximum of 10 minutes ‘grace’ will be afforded to the team in question.  Upon arrival, the offending team must accept that there may be little or warm up time in these instances.  If a team arrives later than the allotted 10 minutes grace, the game may be awarded to the opposing team by a score of 20-0, however the offending team will still be expected to play a ‘friendly’ so both teams get to play.

2.12  Each player has a maximum of 5 personal fouls before disqualification.

2.13  Each team may commit a maximum of 4 team fouls per quarter before entering the penalty. For all subsequent fouls committed in the quarter, 2 free throws will be awarded to the opposing team.

2.14  U12 players have the option of shooting free throws from a distance of 12 feet instead of 15 feet.

2.15  All referees decisions are final.  If a coach is unhappy with a call, he/she may sign the score sheet in dispute and report their case to the league via the CBL Appeal Form.

3 – League Fixtures & Standings

3.1  Division standings are calculated by a teams winning percentage.  Teams with the better win/loss record will place higher in the standings than those with lower win/loss success.

3.2  In the event of a match being forfeited, the result will be shown as 20-0 loss to the forfeiting team.  The league reserves the right to fine any offending team who cause an unsanctioned forfeit, a total of £50 per infraction.

3.3  At the end of the Community Basketball League Season, if two or more teams have the same winning percentage, the following methods of deciding positions apply:

  • The number of forfeits by any team in question team
  • The ‘head-to-head’ result of games between the teams involved
  • It a tie still remains, the teams will be ranked in order of points differential in all league matches

3.4  Teams are encouraged to commit to the games indicated in the schedule. Should a team not complete 3 or more of its League fixtures the league reserves the right to suspended the team or withdraw the team from the league and issue a fine for the offending team.

3.5  In the event of 3 forfeits in 1 season, the Community Basketball League reserves the right to delete the teams playing record, or assign the team entry to another team.

3.6  In the event a team is withdrawn from the league for not completing 3 or more of its League fixtures all teams are reminded that all registration and licensing fees are non-refundable and all fines and outstanding fee’s accrued are still payable.

3.7  All teams in the CBL are given the opportunity to play between 7-12 games per season, depending on post-season success.During the regular season, if a game is postponed due to an opponent not fulfilling a fixture, the league shall endeavour to provide a team with a replacement ‘friendly’ game.

3.8  All matches are confirmed as shown on the website. Any amendments to game schedules will be reflected on the website if/when necessary.All teams are expected to be fully aware of their game schedule and check back on the website weekly to review results and any change to scheduling, should it become necessary during the course of the season.

3.9  Teams can make an application to have a particular tip off time and where possible, the League will look to accommodate.

3.10  It is the responsibility of teams that are not able to fulfil a fixture to notify the league with at least 7 days notice. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit against the team and a fine being implemented.

3.11  The CBL understands that on the rare occurrence things happen and games need to be postponed.  A minimum of 48 hours notice (without penalty) is expected for last minute emergencies of a serious and unavoidable nature that prevent a team from attending a fixture.

4 – Playoffs

4.1  The top 8 teams in an age group division will qualify for post-season playoffs.  Where a Division has 2 conferences (East and West, for example), the top 4 teams from each conference advance to the playoffs.

4.2  In the first round of the playoffs the top 8 teams will play in 4 games:


  • Game 1 – 1 v 8 0r 1st East vs 4th West
  • Game 2 – 2 v 7 0r 1st West vs 4th East
  • Game 3 – 3 v 6 or 2nd East Vs 3rd West
  • Game 4 – 4 v 5 or 2nd West vs 3rd East

The second round will see the four winners play one another.


  • Game 5 – Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 4
  • Game 6 – Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 3


  • Game 7 – Winner Game 5 v Winner Game 6

The winner of Game 7 is declared the CBL Division Champion.

4.3  All teams are required to fulfil playoff fixtures as scheduled on the website. Post-season games cannot be rescheduled.  Failure to attend a playoff fixture will result in an automatic win for the opposing team and possible fine for the offending team, at the league’s discretion.

5 – Playing Kit & Equipment

 5.1  Each team playing in the Community Basketball League must wear matching kit to include vests which are numbered front and back, with matching shorts.

5.2  Undergarments that are visible such as T-shirts are not permitted (unless it is part of the uniform and are worn by the whole team).

5.3  Compression tops are permitted but must be either white or black or the same colour as the team kit.

5.4  All jewellery must be removed prior to the start of the game. There may be situations where jewellery and adornments cannot be removed. Please ensure that these situations are brought to the attention of the League Commissioner and Officials prior to tip off time. The Commissioner and Officials will then decide if the jewellery or adornment can be worn if properly covered up. The Commissioners decision is final and the safety of all participating players is paramount.

6 – Appeals

6.1  In the event of a dispute, a team can appeal a decision made on the day by the game officials or attending Commissioner. The dispute will be put before the CBL Management Committee.

6.2  All appeals must be put into writing within 48 hours of the original decision being made. This means the appeal must be made by filling out the CBL APPEALS FORM by 5pm on Tuesday (assuming the game incident took place on Sunday).

6.3  The Appeal must be accompanied by a payment of £50.00 – which must be made upon filling out the from.  The £50.00 fee is refundable IF the decision is overturned by the Committee.

6.4  In the interests of transparency and fair review, no member of the CBL officiating staff or attending commissioner may sit on the reviewing committee if directly or indirectly involved in the incident which is being appealed.

Video & Photography Release

In line with the CBL’s efforts to promote clubs and grassroots basketball across London, the league records live video and authorises appointed photographers at CBL events for the purpose of marketing and promotion.  By registering and participating in the league all teams confirm that they have sought and confirmed the permission of all players and coaches (and parents/guardians, where relevant in the case of participating children) to be photographed or filmed during CBL events for advertising, promotional or any other commercial purposes.

In participating in the league teams irrevocably grant the Community Basketball League Ltd., their affiliates, successors, assigns and licensees the unlimited permission to use, throughout the world and without any compensation, any photograph, video, image, interview or sound in any media of its choice relating to participating team name, image, likeness, voice and biographical information in any media of its choice, including but not limited to televisions, DVDs, films, radios, newspapers, magazines, websites, catalogues, brochures, displays for the purpose of advertising, promotion, or any other commercial purpose in connection with the Event and related activities.

The CBL will always only use film and photography to positively promote grassroots basketball and always cast our participating teams, players, coaches and officials in a positive light.  

Disciplinary Measure, Fines & Penalties

  1. Teams who field ineligible players automatically forfeit the game in which the ineligible player featured by a score of 20-0.  The league reserves the right to fine offending teams £50 per infraction.
  2. Teams who do not show up for games without notifying the league at least 7 days in advance, forfeit the game by a score of 20-0.  The league reserves the right to fine offending teams £25 per infraction.
  3. Teams who forfeit 3 or more games in any single season may be removed from the league and replaced by another team.  Teams who are removed from the league for repeated forfeits will be fined £100. Teams are reminded that all registration and licensing fees are non-refundable and all outstanding monies owed to the league must be paid in full.
  4. Players and coaches who are ejected from games for using inappropriate language and/or displaying threatening or abusive behaviour will automatically be suspended for a minimum of 1 game.  The CBL reserves the right to fine teams £25 for per ejection.
  5. Players and coaches who are ejected 3 times in any single season will be suspended from participating in the CBL for the remainder of the season and may only rejoin the league upon appeal, the following season.  The league reserves the right to ban any player or coach who has been ejected 3 times from participating in the CBL.
  6. The CBL does not tolerate violent, threatening or abusive behaviour in any form. Officials reserve the right to remove players, coaches, parents or spectators if they deem the offending party is bringing the game into disrepute.   The league reserves the right to fine abusive players, coaches or team supporters who have been removed by game officials,  at a rate of £25 per infraction.
  7. Players or coaches who are involved in any physical altercations of any kind, or who are deemed to incite physical altercations by game officials or the league commissioner, will automatically be suspended from the league for a period to determined by the league management committee, but for a period not less than 3 games.  Offending players and/or coaches will be fined £100 for any fighting infraction.
  8. All teams are required to pay league entry fees and player/coach licensing fees in full before being sanctioned to participate in the CBL.
  9. All teams and players participating in the CBL have the right to appeal any decision made by the league with regards to disciplinary measures.  Appeals are reviewed independently by the league management committee and a decision made within 7 days of appeal submission.  To appeal a decision coaches must fill out the league appeals form.